Where to Go For Help

As an accidental ghost hunter people will sometimes ask me where to go for help. Strange and frightening things may be happening in their homes or workplaces and, in some instances, their children may be too afraid to sleep in their own rooms.

Since I’m an accidental ghost hunter I’m not equipped to visit their home and do a professional ghost hunt, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help.

It’s been my observation that The Atlantic Paranormal Society, TAPS for short, is the most professional and helpful service for those who are dealing with this type of disharmony in their homes. These are the folks who do the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International shows on cable TV. They use state of the art equipment, and they do their best to debunk, or find non-supernatural explanations for what may be causing problems in the home. It is not uncommon for electrical or plumbing issues to make strange noises or cause funny things to happen.

TAPS has affiliate members all over the country. Just visit their website at http://www.the-atlantic-paranormal-society.com, and click on the ‘Family Members” link. Their services are free, and they will do their best to help.

And just so you all know, The Accidental Ghost Hunter is not affiliated with TAPS.


Tucson Depot Orb

Photo by Thomas Carter

One of my friends and fellow Tombstone Vigilante member, Tom Carter, gave me his permission to post this photo.

A few years ago the Tucson railroad depot underwent a major renovation and Tom took a few pictures of the construction. He was using a 35mm camera, and much to his surprise one of his photos came out with an orb.

Orbs are something of a controversy in the ghost hunting community. Sometimes orbs can be balls of energy which may indicate the presence of paranormal activity. And sometimes orbs can simply be dust or even insects that are in the right place to reflect light back into the lens of the camera.

This site does, however, have an interesting story behind it. In the months after the infamous shoot out on Frement Street in Tombstone, known today as the gunfight at the O.K. corral, enemies of the Earp brothers took their revenge. In two separate attacks both Virgil and Morgan Earp were ambushed. Morgan was killed. Virgil survived but permanently lost the use of his left arm.

In March, 1882, Wyatt Earp, his brother Warren, and their friends accompanied Vigil and his wife, Allie, from the town of Contention to the depot in Tucson where they would be stopping for dinner before continuing on to California. Shortly after Vigil and Allie reboarded the train Wyatt spotted two cowboys, Ike Clanton and Frank Stillwell, laying prone on a nearby flatcar, with shotguns pointed at Virgil and Allie. Wyatt gave chase. Ike Clanton escaped, but Frank Stillwell was gunned down by Wyatt Earp.

Today the Tucson railroad depot is still a working train station. It has a few shops, a restaurant, and it is also the home of the Southern Arizona Transportation Museum. And some folks say it is also haunted by the ghost of Frank Stillwell.


Gettysburg Ghosts

This post is courtesy of guest blogger Rick Fritz.

“I never intended to be a ghost hunter. I moved to Carlisle Pa, when I took a job at Harrisburg Community College. Carlisle is 27 miles from Gettysburg. My wife befriended a woman who worked in a Civil War dress shop whose husband was a licensed Civil War Battlefield Guide. Anyway my wife kept hearing these fantastic ghost stories and seeing ghost photos. Determined to debunk these stories, we set out on our own to “hunt ghosts”

Photo by Rick Fritz

“The first place we went was an area known as Doc’s Rock. It is just passed the Wheatfield, across the road from the Irish Brigade monument. It was the site of the 1st Field Hospital. There we have heard pigs, volleys of musket fire, and photographed lots of orbs. Like the one in the above photo.

“These orbs were captured over the Wheatfield. Picture taken from Doc’s Rock.”

Photo by Rick Fritz

“We then concentrated on Doc’s Rock. In this photo notice how the dark blue orb has moved from the base of the tree!”

“From there we went to Devil’s Den.”

Photo by Rick Fritz

“Devil’s Den was very active. Lots of small orbs!”

Photo by Rick Fritz

“And a blue rod that moved!” 

Photo by Rick Fritz
Photo by Rick Fritz

Wow! There are some truly amazing photos, Rick. I’ve not been to Gettysburg myself, but I hear it is a very haunted place. No wonder. During the three day Battle of Gettysburg more Americans were killed than in the entire Vietnam War. Thank you for sharing.