About the Accidental Ghost Hunter

As an author and former historical reenactor, I’ve spent a lot of time at historical sites, and oftentimes these places have a history of death, or violence, or both.

Photography is also one of my life’s passions, so I usually bring a camera with me whenever I travel. However, when I started spending time in places with a “bad” history, such as Tombstone, Arizona, strange anomalies, typically oddities with light beams, started appearing in some of my photos. I’ve doing photography since I was nine years old, but this sort of thing never happened to me until 2003, when I took my first trip to Tombstone, a known hotspot for paranormal activity.

All of the photos in this blog that were taken prior to 2007 were shot with a reliable 35mm camera that I had for many years. After that I made the move to digital photography. However, it seems that regardless of what kind of camera I was using, the results were oftentimes the same. When I was visiting places known for paranormal activity I would sometimes have strange anomalies appear, while photos taken elsewhere always came out perfectly. And because these anomalies have appeared while using different cameras, I can safely rule out bad film or a mechanical problem with the camera as the cause of the problem.

The photos appearing in this blog simply are what they are. Some I’m able to debunk, while others defy explanation. I don’t claim to have all the answers, I’m simply asking the questions. What is this? And what does it mean? It’s up to you, the reader, to draw your own conclusions.