An Accidental Ghostly Encounter at the Tunstall Store

Photo by Gayle Martin. Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

The town of Lincoln, New Mexico has a reputation for being haunted, and after researching the history of the place it’s no wonder. In 1878, during the Lincoln County War, the single road that runs through Lincoln became one of the most dangerous streets in the entire county.

Ground Zero in the Lincoln County War would have been the Tunstall Store. Its very presence ended the economic monopoly held by shopkeepers Lawrence Murphy and Jimmy Dolan. And it was the murder of shop owner and rancher John Tunstall by lawmen loyal to Murphy and Dolan that ignited the Lincoln County War.

The Tunstall Store is now a museum, and today it looks very much the same as it did in the 1870’s when Billy the Kid walked the streets of Lincoln. But when I took this photo I had yet another bending light beam appear. It seems that I’ve had yet another accidental ghostly encounter.


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