Book Signing Ghost? Not Exactly

I spent the past weekend in Tombstone doing a book signing at the annual Vigilante Days event.

I’m now in a new location for my book signings. The owner of Doc Holliday’s Emporium, at 6th and Allen Street, invited me to her shop this past June during another event, and she and I hit it off. Doc Holliday’s Emporium happens to be right across the street from the famous Birdcage Theater, which, as we all know, is one of the most haunted buildings in America.

A funny thing did happen at that first book signing. The card table I was using suddenly collapsed. That’s when the store owner’s kids told me that they too have problems with ghosts and poltergeist activity, and they think it’s because of the close proximity to the Birdcage. However one has to approach these things with a little bit of skepticism, and the fact that the table had been rickety to begin with, and that customers had been bumping against it for a good part of the day, is the more likely reason why it collapsed. Either way, nothing was damaged and no harm was done. We picked everything up, I resumed my book signing, and no other unusual activity occurred.

This past weekend I decided to bring my camera with me, and as I was reviewing my photos I saw something in the background, on the t-shirt hanging behind my shoulder, that appeared to be a very bright orb.

Orbs are a bit of a controversy. They can be balls of energy that can indicate paranormal activity, and some in the ghost hunting community really glom onto them. Others, including me, understand there can be more to an orb than meets the eye, and that what appears to be a ball of energy can also be a dust particle, or an insect, or a reflection. That said, I zoomed in on the orb, and sure enough, it was a reflection. There was a glass panel between me and the window display behind me, and when the photo was taken the flash reflected off the glass.

So I’ve debunked another one. For now. I’ll be back doing another book signing at Doc Holliday’s Emporium during Rendezvous of the Gunfighters, this coming Labor Day weekend. I’ll try to remember to bring my camera again. You never know.


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