Horse and Rider Ghosts?

Photo by Cindy Smith

Today’s post is courtesy of guest blogger Cindy Smith.

“This is the horse and rider photograph I took at the Stockyards in Fort Worth a couple years ago. It was taken with a digital camera sometime around 8 pm. The man appears to be right in front of me, when he wasn’t anywhere to be seen by either myself or my friend who was with me. You can actually see right through the man and the horse, and the horse has no feet. He appears to be floating off the ground.

My friend and I looked all around the arena that night for this rider and horse and he did not exist. There was no one in front of me when I took that picture. I have shown it to others and they say that the Stockyards are very ‘haunted’. That maybe this was someone who rode with the rodeo who just didn’t want to leave. ????”

This is an amazing photo Cindy. I have seen that fuzzy, blurry distortion show up in other people’s photos down in Tombstone. Cindy tells me that so far no one has been able to debunk it.

Thank you for sharing it.


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