Hotel Gasden Orb

Once again guest blogger, fellow author and accidental ghost hunter David Lee Summers returns to share some photos from a recent book signing in Douglas, Arizona.  Thanks David for contributing.


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Photo by David Lee Summers

On October 13, I was invited to participate in the Arizona Centennial Authors and Artists Weekend at the Hotel Gadsden in Douglas, Arizona. The Hotel Gadsden is a grand hotel first built in 1907. It was a home away from home for cattlemen, ranchers, miners, and businessmen in the Arizona Territory. Visitors to the hotel have included Pancho Villa, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Lee Marvin.

Photo by David Lee Summers

The hotel was designed by famous Southwestern Architect Henry Trost.  Trost designed many buildings in Tucson, Arizona, Las Cruces, New Mexico, and El Paso, Texas.  Arguably one of his greatest accomplishments was designing the University of Texas at El Paso, which he modeled after Bhutan, the last of the three Forbidden Kingdoms hidden deep in the Himalayas.  The Gadsden’s Lobby is a terrific example of Henry Trost’s architectural style.

As it turns out, the Hotel Gadsden is famous for its ghost sightings.  They even have a page devoted to its haunted history here:

Photo by David Lee Summers
Photo by David Lee Summers

During the book signing and our stay at the Hotel Gadsden, we only had one potential incident, I only had one potential encounter, but it was an interesting one.  My wife was taking photos from the mezzanine, which looks down into the lobby and managed to capture the image of an orb right in front of me. Now, I realize that orbs are controversial. Some attribute them to dust or tricks of the light and I certainly can’t write off that possibility. Still, what’s odd is that she took two photos in a row and one had an orb and the other didn’t.

Before I leave it to you to ponder whether this was a real paranormal event, I’ll just note a couple more items. Of all the photos we took at the event, this is the only one that showed an orb. Also, it’s the first time I’ve seen an orb appear in a photo with such bright light.

If you’re interested in ghosts or history and find yourself in Southern Arizona, I highly recommend dropping by the Hotel Gadsden.  The hospitality is fabulous and it’s an interesting look back into days gone by.

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