San Diego Ghosts

As the old year draws to a close we all like to reminisce, and one of the highlights of my year was a road trip to San Diego, California, with a good friend. While we were there enjoying the sun and surf we decided, just for fun, to take a ghost tour. San Diego is a town rich in history with many stories of the paranormal.

One of the places we visited was the Gaslamp Quarter, a historic area near downtown. Inside one of the Victorian homes, now a museum, I got some strange anomalies reflected in a mirror. There appears to be a distorted figure in a green dress, but no one in our group was wearing green. There is also what appears to be a misty face in the mirror as well. Of course, it is possible these could all be just tricks of light. It is, however, interesting to note our tour guides told us that this particular home housed many TB patients during an epidemic in the 1850s, and that many of the patients died there.

This tour ended at the Whaley House, but did not include admission. At the time of our visit the Whaley House was undergoing renovation, so I decided to save it for another visit.

Kudos to the folks at Haunted San Diego Tours. We had a great time.


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