Relocating Cemetaries

This morning as I was browsing my local news on-line this morning I came across a rather interesting story from one of the local Phoenix television stations. It seems this Saturday the remains of 61 US Calvary soldiers, stationed in Tucson at Fort Lowell during the mid-1800s, along with some of their family members, are going to be exhumed and reburied in Sierra Vista. All in the name of progress. Seems the military dead, along with other dead, are in the way of a redevelopment project in downtown Tucson. They’re going to build a new courthouse on top of the city’s first territorial cemetery, and there were over 1800 people buried there. Many of the other graves have already been exhumed and who knows where their remains were dumped. It seems the mentality here is let’s just kick out the dead and bulldoze over their graves.

Now mind you the Fort Lowell soldiers will be respectfully escorted to their new resting place and reburied with full military honors, but I still don’t think this is right. Cemeteries are a part of our history too. They should be left unmolested and preserved. I’m descended from Druids and those genes must be kicking in, or maybe it’s because of all the paranormal things I’ve experienced myself in Tombstone, but I think it’s very, very unwise to ever disturb the dead build anything on top of an old cemetery. And when the weird things start happening in the new court buildings, oh well. I certainly wouldn’t want to be working there.