Psychiatrists — Modern Day Witch Hunters

The other evening as I was listening to Coast to Coast AM, George Noorey was interviewing psychiatrist Dr. Diane Powell who was discussing her new book, The ESP Enigma. I was absolutely flabbergasted when Dr. Powell stated that being psychic is considered to be a delusional mental illness by the psychiatric community.

This frightens me more than any ghost ever could. It immediately brought to my mind images of the Middle Ages, when anyone who was psychic was considered to be a witch, in league with the devil, and the poor soul was burned alive.

Sadly, it appears this bigotry against psychics carries into the 21st Century, where is has now been stigmatized by the psychiatric community. But instead of witch burning, these modern day witch hunters, (psychiatrists), can simply violate the psychic’s civil rights and lock them up in psychiatric hospitals, which are really nothing more than prisons.

This is not to say that there aren’t people out there with legitimate mental illnesses who are in genuine need of treatment. However, to label people with psychic abilities who are able to hold a job, be it doing psychic readings or a regular job, and who are take care of themselves and their families, and who are in no way a danger to themselves or anyone else, as mentally ill is nothing more than pure, unadulterated bigotry.

Shame on psychiatrists. They are no better than the religious fanatics in Medieval times who burned anyone alive who did not adhere to their strict, rigid dogma. Those who individuals are psychic have every right to use their God-given gift without being labeled or stigmatized. Those of us who have adopted New Age beliefs as our religion of choice, also have every right to believe in our religion of choice, without being labeled or stigmatized.