The Accidental Ghost Hunter’s Review of “Ghost Adventurers”

There’s a new kid on the block, or at least in cable TV shows about ghost hunting and the paranormal.┬áIt’s called Ghost Adventures, and it airs on the Travel Channel just before Most Haunted.

This show is very entertaining and the three young ghost hunters, Zak, Aaron and Nick, have a lot of potential. They travel to known haunts and do their own taping, as opposed to bringing their own sound and camera crew with them. They are also locked in, literally, to the locations they are taping. So far that’s only backfired on them once, and that was in their pilot episode when they were locked down into the Goldfield Hotel. They boldly told the spirits that they weren’t afraid of them, and they weren’t. At least not until they came upon the poltergeist throwing the bricks and lumber across the basement. That’s when they totally freaked out and started running and screaming. They later admitted they ended up escaping the hotel by jumping out of the fire escape.

Therein lies my only real criticism of the show. They have a real attitude. Zak in particular is a cocky one who really likes to provoke. He reminds me a lot of Brian from Ghost Hunters, but even at his worst, Brian was never as arrogant as Zak. One of these days he’s going to get hurt. He’s already been scratched and has been warned by a priest that he is playing with fire. I guess that’s the difference between an accidental ghost hunter and someone with a TV show who needs to document activity, by any means possible, to keep the ratings up. I am spiritually aware enough to treat spirits with respect. Since I don’t know if the spirits I encounter are good or evil I tread lightly.

I will give Zak credit for using a scientific approach. He and his team use emf meters, do EVP (electronic voice phenomena) work, and try to get as much on camera as they can. They then go to neutral third parties to have the evidence verified.

This show is entertaining, and certainly more credible than Most Haunted. Definitely worth staying home for on Friday nights.


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