The Accidental Ghost Hunter’s Review of “Ghost Hunter’s Academy”

When I first saw the previews for this new entry from Ghost Hunters I really thought I was going to hate it. It looked trite. So I tuned in the first episode, not expecting much, and I found myself pleasantly surprised.

This show, more than any of the others in the Ghost Hunters stable, really gives viewers an inside look into just how much time and effort goes into a TAPS investigation, and how vital it is that the team work together. And, as the season progressed, it also gave viewers a chance to observe group dynamics and learn lessons that could be applied to just about every workplace.

Heather was a good example of someone failing to blend in and be a part of the team. Yes, she was very nice, and everyone liked her as a person. But at the start of the very first investigation she announced that she was a medium. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but that is not the TAPS way to do an investigation. Her approach made it difficult for her to work alongside the others. She was too independent so they had to let her go.

Then there was Jane. Pretty girl. She was someone who could possibly do well as an actress or a model, but she was not a team player. And unlike Heather, who was very congenial, Jane was only interested in looking out for number one. She had no problem stabbing others in the back in order to make herself look good, and then she would turn on the tears when Steve or Tango criticized her. Frankly I’m surprised Steve and Tango that didn’t kill her. Needless to say, while the all others were invited back, Jane was sent home.

And then there was Susan. She got off to a really rough start and I expected her to be the first person cut. But, instead of finger-pointing and blaming others, she learned from her mistakes, pulled herself together, and made herself into the most improved member of the team. Susan is a real positive role model for everyone. I’m glad that both she, and Karl, made the final cut and will be a part of the Ghost Hunters International team. I look forward to seeing more of them for a long time to come.


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