The Accidental Ghost Hunter’s Review of “Most Haunted USA”

The crew from Most Haunted has come to America to visit some of our most famous haunted places in a new variation of their show called Most Haunted USA. And the show is most entertaining. They have visited many locations visited by other production companies, such as Waverly Hills Sanatorium.

One of the things I like about Most Haunted is their historical research. They have always included a professional historian as part of their team. They also use physics which gives the show some more interesting insights. Now I have nothing against psychics. In fact I believe some people have a natural talent to perceive things beyond our five senses the same way others have a natural talent for singing or athletics. However no psychic is ever 100% accurate, and I would like to see more historical research on the things the psychics read during their investigations.

The team also includes parapsychologist Dr. Ciaran O’Keeffe to offer other, less than paranormal, explanations for what the team encounters. O’Keeffe is a dyed in the wool skeptic, if not a cynic, and he is, more often than not, able to write off the team’s experiences with the paranormal with more worldly and more plausible explanations. So when O’Keeffe is ends up being impressed or is unable to offer an alternative explanation I’m more inclined to be impressed too.

The real flaw with Most Haunted is their less than scientific approach. They don’t do EVP, (electronic voice phenomenon) work, nor I have noticed much work with EMF, (electro magnetic frequency) devices, or other credible tools for documenting an actual haunt. Instead they rely on old parlor tricks, like table tapping, ouiga boards, and seances, which can be easily staged.

Still, if you are looking for pure entertainment, Most Haunted USA is a lot of fun. But if you are looking for a team doing serious paranormal research you probably would be better served with Ghost Hunters.


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