The Accidental Ghost Hunter’s Review of “Most Haunted”

I’ll admit it. One of my favorite cable TV shows about the paranormal is the Travel Channel’s Most Haunted. While the ghost hunters in this British import are not as scientific in their approach to their investigations as I would like, this show can’t be beat for its pure entertainment value. I have to credit that to the hostess, Yvette Fielding, actress turned ghost hunting guide. Yvette has a lot of screen charisma and really pulls the show together as she guides viewers through each week’s haunted location.

Over the year’s this team has caught a lot of interesting paranormal activity on camera. One of the most spectacular was when cast member Stuart Torevell was physically attacked by a ghost. I’ve seen this episode several times, and the way he fell backward would have been a very difficult stunt to pull off had it been staged. In fact it’s interesting to note that afterward this incident he too developed alopecia, as did Dead Famous co-host Gail Porter.

I would like to see this team use less parlor tricks, like table tapping, and use more emf meters and tape recorders. The team also includes psychics who appear to be pretty accurate in identifying the spirits of real historical people who once inhabited the locales they investigate. And I particularly like psychic David Wells’ gentle, down to earth demeanor.

This show airs Friday nights on the Travel Channel, and it’s definitely a good excuse to stay home on Friday nights.

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