The Bird Cage Theater, Tombstone, Arizona

Photo by Gayle Martin. Copyright 2007. All Rights Reserved.

The Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, Arizona, has a reputation for being one of the most haunted buildings in America, and it’s been featured in such TV shows as Ghost Adventurers and Ghost Hunters.

The first time I visited the Bird Cage was in the summer of 2003. It was also the first time I ever had a strange anomaly appear in a photo. My (now ex) husband and I came into the lobby and smelled cigar smoke. We asked the woman working behind the bar about it. She looked kind of embarrassed and said, “It’s just them.” She went on to say that smoking has not been allowed in the Bird Cage for many years, but that cigar smoke can sometimes be smelled when the ghosts are around.

So now we know there is smoking in the afterlife!

We went inside the theater auditorium and I took a few photos. At the time I was using a 35mm camera, and, after the photos were developed, we discovered is what appears to be a laser beam running down the stage, bending around corners, and then splitting in two to go around a barber’s chair.

Since went to light beams bend to go around corners?

Little did I know at the time, but this 2003 photo would mark the beginning of my adventures as The Accidental Ghost Hunter.


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