The Wallace & Ladmo Orb

Photo by Gayle Martin. Copyright 2007. All rights Reserved.

In the world of ghost hunting, orbs have become a controversy. Some say that the presence of orbs indicates paranormal activity. Others say they can be simply be balls of energy but not necessarily a ghost. And sometimes orbs can be nothing more than dust particles in the air.

I rarely find orbs in my photos. Bending light beams yes, orbs no. But here is one photo with an orb and an interesting story behind it.

The Arizona Historical Society Museum in Tempe, Arizona, was having a celebration of the 50th Anniversary of The Wallace & Ladmo Show. This Phoenix TV show aired from 1954 to 1989, and I believe it still holds the record for the longest running television show in history. After ‘Wallace’ retired in 1989 the show’s collection of memorabilia was donated to the museum, where it is now on permanent display. By 2004, the time of this tribute, two cast members of the show had passed away – ‘Ladmo’ and musician Mike Condello.

This photo was taken with my 35mm camera in the museum auditorium during a musical tribute. When the photo was developed, I discovered a large orb appearing over┬áthe stage. For what it’s worth, museums strive to keep their facilities as dust free as possible as dust can damage fragile artifacts.

Maybe it’s just coincidence that this orb showed up. But if one believes that orbs can be evidence of ghostly activity, then perhaps Ladmo and Mike decided to join in the festivities that day. Or maybe it’s just Fred, the museum’s resident ghost.


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