Welcome to The Accidental Ghost Hunter

Photo by Gayle Martin. Location: Nassau, the Bahamas.

I originally started this blog back in 2007, and migrated it to WordPress in 2017. At the time I started The Accidental Ghost Hunter, I was writing a series of historical novels for young readers that would eventually become The Luke and Jenny book series, and part of my research included spending time in historic sites, such as Tombstone, Arizona. While I was there I would sometimes experience strange things. I also met others who’d had similar experiences in Tombstone, or at other historical sites, so I created The Accidental Ghost Hunter to share my experiences with others.

While I’ve never assumed that every bump in the night is a ghost, I’ve always believed in life after death, and I believe that those who have passed on can remain connected to loved ones who are still living. Or they may, perhaps, have some unfinished business that they need to deal with.

Unlike a professional ghost hunter, I don’t go into allegedly haunted sites with EMF meters, tape recorders, thermal imaging cameras, or other equipment used to document, or debunk, a haunting. It’s just me, visiting historic places, taking photos, and then finding strange anomalies in my photos. Sometimes I can debunk them, other times I can’t. And that’s what makes me The Accidental Ghost Hunter.


P.S. The photo in this post has no anomalies. It is, however, the one in my collection that came the closest to looking like a “haunted” house.

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